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15 Eco-Friendly Office Furniture Ideas to Promote Sustainability

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The careful selection of office furniture is critical, as it can have a direct impact on an individual’s productivity and the well-being of employees. Well, furniture does a lot more than just occupy space in your office, and you should go for better alternatives like Sustainable furniture. There are a multitude of benefits to choosing sustainable furniture, as it is designed to be more energy-efficient which can help you save huge amounts on your utility bills. Furthermore, sustainable furniture is designed with sturdy and durable materials, which enhances its longevity and reduces the need to replace furniture now and then. Sustainable furniture outlasts traditional furniture and has a lesser impact on the environment. In this article, we will highlight fifteen eco-friendly furniture choices you can make to promote sustainability in the workplace.

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1. The Office Desks

An office desk can make or break an employee’s productivity. Be it high-end or classic and affordable, it is vital to carefully choose the office desk. Make sure it is designed with high-quality and durable wood. The low-quality wood may be prone to wood-destroying insects and germs. Besides, you should look for an organised and well-designed office desk. Choose an office desk that is multifunctional and ideal as per the space constraints.


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2. Ergonomic Chairs

The importance of having an ergonomic chair in the workplace cannot be understated. Employees, on average, spend around 8 to 9 hours in the workplace. If there is one thing you can do to improve productivity, it would be to provide a comfortable working environment for the employees. Consider choosing a sustainable and ergonomic chair to support the correct posture and reduce body stress. Always check the features and size of the chair to make an informed selection.

3. Visitor Seating

While some offices have chairs, some also have comfortable sofa seating for visitors. The stakeholders or visitors can range from anyone interested in joining the company to somebody who may be interested in investing in the company. Irrespective of who they are, you need to provide a seamless first-time experience. Having sustainable and eco-friendly visitor ergonomic chair seating can help make a good impression and add to your overall reputation as well. Make sure you select it carefully and add to the overall ambience of the office. Impress and delight your guests while creating an inviting office environment. Upgrade your office’s first impression with the BOSQ’s visitor chair!

4. Interactive Whiteboard

Using an interactive whiteboard in the office can help improve team collaboration and communication efforts. The boards can be used to share information or guide teammates accordingly. Glass boards are sustainable, recyclable, and a better choice for the environment. Make sure you consider the workspace design trends before making any selection to ensure it fits and complements your workspace well.

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5. Cabinets and Storage

Cabinets and storage space are for regular usage and cannot be ignored. Using non-sustainable and dangerous materials can impact the quality of the stuff that may be kept inside the cabinets. Make sure you choose cabinets and storage space made with high-quality sustainable materials. This will increase the shelf life and reduce the risk of termites and other dangerous insects.

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6. Sustainable Lounge Chairs

The lounge area is a significant part of today’s workspace, considering how it can help promote the creative thinking process. Lounge chairs are meant to add comfort and provide relaxation to the employees. Let the creative juices flow and add excitement by opting for sustainable lounge chairs or the  ergonomic chairs.

7. Conference or Boardroom Table

A conference or boardroom table is another area where you can experiment and go for sustainability. The tables have larger dimensions, are heavy, and may also be used for meetings with different stakeholders. It is a one-time investment, and you should not stress about finding out what kind of conference table is ideal for your office. Go for one made with sustainable materials to improve your green efforts and maintain a healthy environment at the workplace.

8. Reception Areas

Want to promote sustainability in the workplace? How can you miss out on the reception area? Be it a reception table, desk, or chair, consider incorporating a mix of sustainable elements and choosing the best ergonomic furniture to further improve the quality of healthcare in your workplace.

9. Display Section

As the name suggests, it is meant to be displayed. Your investors, stakeholders, customers, and employees may get a chance to experience it every day. Make sure you provide an excellent view by investing in sustainable items for your workplace.


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10. Library or Bookcases

Libraries or bookcases are another area where you can implement the idea of sustainability. It will also enhance the appearance of your library and help you create a great ambience for the readers.

11. Bamboo Chair Mat

A chair mat is one of the elements that may not have great visibility but can have great implications and may serve as protection for your flooring. Be it spills, marks, or scuffs, chair mats can even make it easier to clean, and it even takes less effort to roll the chair on the mat compared to the carpet. Add to the overall convenience by opting for sustainable and eco-friendly office chairs mats. You may go for the bamboo ones or any other based on your preferences and office requirements.

12. Decorative Touch with Eco-Friendly Rugs

Well, many people often confuse mats and rugs as being the same. Mats can be used at the entrance or for the chair, whereas rugs can be used to enhance the appeal and amp up the interior of your workspace. You can add a decorative touch to the workplace with eco-friendly rugs while focusing on sustainability at the same time. Do not place rugs everywhere. You may opt for them near the kitchen or living area in the workplace to adhere to the principles of minimalism yet be modern in your design.

13. Switch to Eco-Cleaning Products

Cleaning is one of the factors that is often overlooked or even neglected. Many companies and professionals often go for regular cleaning products without knowing how they could harm the workspace. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning products is one of the ways to promote sustainability in the workplace and ensure it does not lead to the growth of any kind of microorganism. Make sure you go through the ingredients list to have a clear understanding of this and ensure it will be healthier for your workspace. Think from a broader perspective about how the presence of harmful chemicals can even deteriorate the environment and the health of employees. Protect the health of the employees and provide them with a safe environment by choosing sustainable products.

14. Invest in Green Technology Initiatives

Green technology initiatives are another area that you can consider to promote sustainability. Installing wind turbines, energy-efficient lighting, and other kinds of furniture could be an excellent way to promote sustainability. There are multiple things you can do to promote green initiatives, but you need to make sure that they fit your industry and company culture before investing in any of them.

15. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is another concern for organisations and their employees. Take steps to improve the quality of the air by adding humidifiers, and planters or reducing the use of non-renewable substances in the workplace. Use a mix of strategies to reduce the risk of health hazards in your workplace. Make sure you opt for environment-friendly planters and other related items that may be required.

These are some of the elements and office furniture items that you can add to improve sustainability in the workplace. Always do your research before making any investment and go through the ingredient list to have a clear understanding of the products. Go for reliable brands and choose the best office chairs in dubai.

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