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15 Top Trends in Office Furniture: Enhancing Style in the Workplace


Office culture and layouts have evolved tremendously over the past few years. The rapid change can also be attributed to the growing economy, the tech-run world, the advent of new technologies, and concerns over health due to the pandemic. The paradigm of modern offices is entirely focused on adding convenience to the office furniture and making the environment more comfortable for the employees. Let us take you through the 15 top trends in workspace furniture that are contributing to and enhancing the overall style of the workplace.

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1. Private Cubicles Redefined

Private cubicles have been a part of office design for decades now. However, it is time to revamp and focus on creating a space that is more comfortable for the employees. The need for privacy and social distancing has increased more than ever. This should be reconsidered, and the office designs should include a few single-person pods along with some group pods. Private cubicles should be designed according to the work area of the business. Creative people will need more time for discussions and thinking, whereas other individuals may require more collaborative space.


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2. Functional Spaces

Gone are the days when offices had restricted space and were limited to a 9-to-5 structure. Offices these days have flexible hours and work requirements. This is one of the aspects that should be kept in mind while designing the workspace. Add lightweight furniture or movable walls to easily convert the conference room into a social lounge.

3. Sustainability is the Key

Sustainable design is the construction of office spaces in a way that has minimal impact on the environment. Sustainability in furniture is one of the key trends that is taking over the design world and helping reduce energy consumption and resource needs. Focus on creating healthy and resource-efficient surroundings. Add resources that may help reduce carbon footprints. Embrace the trend of sustainability and create a healthy working environment in the workplace.

4. Ergonomic and Modular Furniture

Compared to traditional furniture, ergonomics is specially designed to add convenience to the working environment. For instance, an ergonomic chair will ensure that your body is in a safe and upright position, reducing the load on the spine and keeping you healthy. Ergonomic chairs also reduce the risk of arthritis and other work-related injuries. Besides that, modular furniture focuses on utilising the space more judiciously, contributing to the overall quality of the indoor environment in the office.

5. Interactive Lounges

Maximise the potential of your office by creating a creative and interactive lounge space. Equip the lounge with comfortable furniture and a variety of creative workspaces, such as whiteboards, brainstorming desks, and collaboration tables. Facilitate interaction by adding activities like ping pong, puzzles, video game consoles, and board games. You may also consider organising events such as wine tastings, movie nights, and guest lectures to encourage conversation and break the monotony.

6. More Natural Lighting

The importance of natural lighting in a workspace cannot be overstated. Studies have demonstrated that being exposed to natural light in the workspace has many health benefits. It helps employees stay more focused and boosts productivity. Natural light also helps reduce eye strain and supports the body’s circadian rhythm. Additionally, it increases visibility and reduces stress. The presence of natural lighting also improves the mood of employees and helps reduce depression, fatigue, and headaches. Look for an office design that ensures abundant natural lighting to create an engaging and productive environment for the employees.

bright office space with green plants

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7. Abundance of Greenery 

Studies have shown that adding greenery and planters to the office can contribute to the overall health of the employees. It not only improves air quality but also lowers stress, improves creativity levels, and reduces the risk of different health conditions. When employees are healthy, the absenteeism rate will decrease, which will prove beneficial for the organisation. Combine this with the best ergonomic furniture to provide an appealing and effective environment for the employees.

8. Lighter colour Scheme

The colour scheme contributes heavily to the productivity of the employees. Bold and loud colour tones can make it distracting for the employees to focus on the work, while lighter tones will improve the creativity levels of the employees. Choose the colour tones wisely and ensure that the furniture and colour scheme go well together.

9. Tech-Integrated Furniture

In this fast-paced environment, technology has taken over our lives. One such area where you can implement and leverage technology is furniture. Similar to the ergonomic chair, you may also find the ergonomic chairs equipped with technology features, enabling employees to relax and enjoy themselves. Add smart desks in the meeting room or wireless charging facilities to make it more convenient for the employees. Be very specific when it comes to tech-integrated furniture. Use only what’s necessary to make things easier and better for the employees. Do not become overly reliant on technologies that impede your daily work.

10. Make Room for Remote Work

The office workspace has gone through multiple phases of transformation, especially after the pandemic. While some employees are used to working remotely, others like the collaborative approach and working from the office. If there are employees who are still working from home or working in hybrid mode, you need to consider them while designing your workspace. Allocate a space for them to make working more fun and convenient for the remote workers. In other cases, if any of your employees want to collaborate with remote workers, they can do so seamlessly.

11. Focus on Well-Being in the Workplace 

Designing a workplace with well-being in mind is essential to creating an ideal working environment. Comfortable furniture is a must for any office. Do not forget about the calming colour schemes and ensure that there is plenty of natural lighting. Incorporate planters, give personalised items to the employees, and focus on crafting a well-designed workplace to foster well-being in the workplace environment.

12. Varied Work Zones

As mentioned above, there can be multiple types of employees in a workplace. You need to keep this approach for the office furniture as well. Similarly, you need to have varied work zones dedicated to different activities or work environments. While some rooms can be dedicated to private meetings, others can be for whole team sessions and catch-ups. Think from a broader perspective and include varied work zones in the workplace to provide convenience and make working fun for the employees.

13. Quiet Zones

Think about the employees who have to attend multiple calls or who may want to take a healthy mental break. Let this sink in, and design quiet zones for employees where they can sit in privacy and do whatever they want to. It could be an excellent practice, allowing them to stay calm and focused in the workplace.

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14. Visually Appealing

Well, one cannot neglect the importance of visual appearance. When it comes to interiors and decor, you need to be very specific about your colour choices. Colours not only help create balance and harmony but may also impact the productivity of the employees. Besides that, visual appearance is not just about colours. You also need to follow the principles of minimalism and look for modular office chairs. Be mindful of your choices, or discuss them with the design experts for further guidance on this.

15. Home Away from Home

Employees spend more than half of their day in the office. Many employees even have a workstation for convenient operations in the case of remote working or any meetings at home. Make sure you provide the same working environment to your employees and make the office a home away from home. Focus on incorporating all the points discussed above and designing a workplace that is convenient as well as encouraging for the employees.

These are the top 15 workspace design trends that every entrepreneur or workplace designer should follow. Keep your employees’ preferences and strengths in mind while making the choices. Change the workplace dynamics and encourage employees to come to work every day.

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