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7 Essential Features for Your Ergonomic Chair: A Brief Checklist

ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs can prove to be a decent long-term investment. Irrespective of whether you are working from the office or working from home, you may have to spend around six to seven hours in your chair. If the work is related to video editing or any other field, you may have to spend some extra hours sitting on the chair. There is no way you can slouch around or completely throw out your back while sitting on the chair, as it may lead to aches and pains in your back. The right ergonomic chair will not only improve your posture and sitting but also make working more fun and convenient. With a variety of options available on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to make the right selection. In this guide, we will talk about the specific features you must consider to make the right selection of office chair.

Here’s a checklist and the major attributes that you must keep in mind when picking the best office chairs for yourself or your employees.

guy sitting on ergonomic chair

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1. Height Adjustability

One thing that we need to understand is that we are all different heights, and so are the requirements for ideal seating. Earlier, there were no such features for adjusting the height of the chair, which impacted the posture and comfort of the employees. Think of how employees with shorter or longer heights may find it difficult to adjust to the same chair. One of the biggest benefits of ergonomic furniture is that one can adjust the height according to their body type. 

You will have the option to move the seat up and down and sit according to your convenience. The fully adjustable seat inclination will even make it suitable to sit on the chair for a longer duration of the day. This is also useful for people who are suffering from any kind of back pain, as they can properly adjust the chair as per their concerns.

2. Adjustable Backrest

Just like height adjustability is important, you also need to ensure that the back is positioned correctly when you are working. There are two types of backrests that you may find: one that is attached to the seat and another that is not attached to the seat. If it is attached, you may not be able to move it back and forth on the seat. On the other hand, if it is not attached, you can make the adjustments. 

There will be a locking mechanism that will allow you to hold it in place so your back does not get out of whack all of a sudden. The best ergonomic furniture may even have a feature to adjust the backrest at different angles and heights. Make sure you go through the specifications of the product before making a purchase. If possible, go check out the chair in person or read the detailed reviews when buying online.

3. Material and Padding

A hard surface can be painful and make it inconvenient to sit for long hours. It is one of the reasons why it is necessary to look at the material and padding of the chair before making the purchase. Make sure to look for a breathable fabric material that can withstand heat and different temperatures. A breathable material will make it convenient to sit for long hours. On the other hand, choose a chair that is neither too hard nor too soft in terms of padding. An extremely soft pad will not provide ideal support, whereas a hard surface can make it difficult to sit for a couple of hours. Keep this aspect in mind while looking for the ideal office furniture to make the right selection.

ergonomic chair

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4. Lumbar Support

If your lower back does not have a naturally curved S shape, it is likely that you may need adequate lumbar support. Sitting for longer durations in a chair can impact your posture and be hard on your lower back. Without proper support, an individual may even experience issues with the lumbosacral disc. Many people consider using a cushion to get support and prevent slouching on the back. 

Adding a cushion to a non-ergonomic chair may help support the gap between the backrest and the lumbar spine. However, it will be more convenient if you look for a chair that provides adequate lumbar support to give your body the comfort it needs. Choosing the right ergonomic chair with adequate lumbar support will help reduce the pressure on lumbar discs, further preventing the risk of back aches and spine issues.

5. Armrests

Surveys have revealed that the body in its natural state is less exposed to issues related to musculoskeletal health. An armrest is an excellent addition to the office chair, enabling it to reduce the strain on the neck and shoulders. While typing, an individual may not face any challenges as the armrest will provide support. One may even look for armrests that are adjustable to further provide the right height and positioning for the arms. The incorrect choice of office furniture can lead to slouching and may impact overall health.  

Provide the right working environment for the employees by investing in chairs and furniture that bring convenience and comfort. You may even ask the employees for their views to ensure that you are investing in the right furniture for your office chairs in dubai

ergonomic chair with headrest

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6. Headrest

Well, the variety of office

furniture can go beyond your thinking. There are chairs available that come with headrests to provide the ideal amount of support for your head and make it easier to lean back. After extended shift hours, an individual is often stressed out. The presence of headrests will make it easier to relax the neck and shoulder muscles, enabling improved blood flow in the body. You will have to sit properly to get the right support from the headrest. 

The support may be necessary for individuals performing repetitive tasks where there is barely any movement of the head. It is critical to consider the type of work and duration an individual may spend in front of a laptop. This is because not everyone may require head support or a headrest. On the other hand, one may even consider investing in chairs that come with a detachable pillow for the headrest. This will make it more convenient, allowing the users to add or remove the head pillow according to their preference.

7. Controls and Mobility

The advanced chairs come with a lot of controls, which will add to the comfort level of the users. You might have the control to tilt, go higher or lower, swivel from a seated position, or move it across to adjust it according to your choice. When you have so many controls, it will be easier to adjust the chair in a way that does not put any strain your muscles. Besides this, you may look for a chair that is easily movable, as this is a great feature and will add to the overall efficiency. An office chair that is easily movable, despite its surface, could be an excellent investment for your working environment.

There are multiple other features that you may find in ergonomic chairs  furniture. Look after the needs of the employees and make the selection accordingly. If any employee is particularly sensitive to aches and pains, you may consider investing in a specific type of chair for them. Look for different manufacturers who deal with the best office furniture in the UAE. Make sure you have a budget and preferences in mind to get a clear understanding of what you are looking for and make an informed purchase.

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