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How to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic meeting chair

Sitting for prolonged hours can have serious implications for an individual’s health. It is one of the reasons why most employers have started paying attention to office furniture. There are certain jobs that may require an employee to sit for longer hours. In such cases, one may consider investing in ergonomic office chairs to add convenience and provide support. Sitting for longer hours is a higher concern recognised by health professionals, which has also led to the sudden boom of ergonomic style furniture and designs. Here, we will talk about thirteen critical features that one must consider when looking for an ergonomic-style office chair.

  1. Seat Height Adjustability

Offices around the world are embracing DEI initiatives. One critical thing to consider here is that employees may be of different sizes and heights. So, the seat height requirements may change for each individual. The ideal seat height should allow each individual to work comfortably. They should have the convenience to adjust and sit properly on the desk as per their height. Adjustability is one of the aspects that provides ease and adds convenience to the lives of the employees. An ergonomic chair with a seat height ranging between 16 and 12 inches may be sufficient for all the employees.

  1. Seat Width Adjustments

Seat width is the distance from one point to another point on the seat. The wider the distance, the more comfortable it will be for employees. Remember, employees may have different size and height requirements. Considering the seat width is a crucial aspect before investing in any of the chairs.

ergonomic chair

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  1. Seat Depth Adjustment

Seat depth is basically the distance from the back of the seat to the front. If the seat depth is less and is too far forward, it may put unnecessary pressure on your back or your knees. If incorrectly chosen, seat depth may make it difficult to sit for longer hours and impact the pressure points. You should be very mindful while making this choice and read all the specifications of the chair. You may even think of employees who work in unprecedented situations. You can consider buying a few different chairs with other features to add ease to them.

  1. Lumbar Support

One of the biggest benefits of premium ergonomic office chairs is that they naturally support the S shape of the spine. These chairs are designed with extra comfort in mind to provide extra support for the lower back. Lumbar support is one of the critical features that not only prevents slumping but also helps reduce stress on the spine and the pelvis. Look for chairs with adjustable backrests to align with the curve of the spine and get the optimal amount of support. Encourage employees to adjust the lumbar support just above the seat level. A too-low lumbar support may force an individual to hyper-extend their back, which may result in back pain.

  1. Backrest Adjustability

Sitting on a chair with no backrest can lead to unnecessary posture problems or back pain. The main purpose of premium ergonomic furniture should be to create a comfortable working environment for employees. Look for a chair with an adjustable backrest recline so that the employees can move or adjust accordingly to support their natural spine position. It is one of the features that may even reduce pressure on the spinal discs and muscles.


adjustable office chair

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  1. Headrest Adjustability

Office furniture should allow employees to sit for longer hours and work comfortably. While the backrest may provide optimal support to the back, the headrest is another critical feature, providing support to the head and neck. It may allow an individual to sit in a reclined position for longer hours. This is beneficial for employees who are dealing with shoulder and neck issues. Make sure to look for this feature while choosing office furniture.

  1. Comfortable Seat Material

The material of the chair is another feature to consider while looking for ergonomic furniture. The material used should be soft and should not cause the user’s back to sweat. However, the quality material used in high-end premium ergonomic furniture may even come at a higher price point. Make sure you set a budget in your mind to make an informed decision. Look for seat materials that are available within your budget and meet all other requirements.


ergonomic office chair

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  1. Armrest Adjustability

The armrest is another feature that may help reduce tension in the upper body. Make sure to look for chairs with armrests to reduce the load on the lower back while in a seated position. However, one should avoid using armrests when typing. This may reduce overall arm movement and even lead to strain on the forearm muscles.

  1. Stability of the Chair

Another feature that you must consider is the stability of the ergonomically designed furniture. If the chair is even a bit unstable, it may lead to accidents or unnecessary damage. Make sure to look for manufacturers with the best premium ergonomic furniture. Being a professional in offering the best office furniture, BOSQ always looks to maximise the comfort, productivity, and stability of the chair. This limitless connection offers a tailored solution for both the organisation and your employees.

  1. Swivel Base

A swivel in an office chair increases mobility. This freedom allows the employees to move around, turn to the desired side to pick up the phone, or access the printers without repositioning and getting up from the chair. Owning a swivel chair also improves your position. Sitting for a long period of time in a standard chair can be distressing and cause back strain, but with a swivel chair, you have the freedom of height adjustability, along with the ability to position the angle of the chair according to your body shape.

  1. Wheel Casters

Wheels are another feature that can make a huge difference in your chair. You should consider the surface of the office to make the right decision. For harder surfaces, the chairs with soft rubber wheels are recommended as it will be easier to navigate and move around. In other cases, if the workspace is carpeted, you should go for chairs with hard wheels for better navigation and movement on the floor.

  1. Appearance of the Chair

Entrepreneurs have already started focusing too much on interiors and design aesthetics. You do not need to have those outdated and boring chairs in your office. How your office looks can also have a significant impact on the productivity of your employees. You should consider appearance as one of the factors while making the selection. Look for chairs that meet the design aesthetics of your workspace while fulfilling your needs.

  1. Warranty of the Chair

Ergonomically designed chairs and furniture are also equipped with advanced features, which may lead to an increase in the overall price of the chair. While some features are common and necessary, some are advanced. The more the number of features, the higher the price will be. You should spend on a good quality chair but avoid spending on features that may not be needed. Besides, if you are spending a good amount, you must ensure that the manufacturer is offering a warranty on the chair. Keep in mind that the chairs with a warranty may provide you with peace of mind and help you cover the unnecessary damages caused to your chair.

These are some of the critical features that one must consider while choosing an ergonomic chair. Keep a designated budget in mind to make an informed purchase and choose the right chair that aligns with your requirements. Research well and look for sellers offering the best office chairs in dubai to make the right choice.

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