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Workspace Wellness: How Ergonomic Furniture Can Improve Your Health

According to a survey, employees across the world are reporting high rates of burnout and distress symptoms. Another study conducted on workers revealed that ninety-five per cent of workers reported the development of a musculoskeletal disorder in at least one body part in the last 12 months. Half of our day revolves around desk-bound activities, and one cannot neglect the importance of thoughtful sitting. Workplace wellness is becoming a major topic of concern for most organisations. In this article, we will shed light on the importance of ergonomic furniture and share the top options that you can consider for your workplace.

How Ergonomic Furniture Can Improve Your Health

Traditionally, workplace design focused more on image than functionality. With the changing times, it is becoming imperative for organisations to invest in furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also prioritises the well-being of their employees. Here are some of the critical reasons why ergonomic furniture can contribute to effective well-being.

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1. Posture Support: First and most important, the best ergonomic furniture, such as desks and chairs, can provide proper support. Traditionally, chairs were affixed and did not allow for proper movement. On the other hand, ergonomic chairs allow individuals to adjust and set themselves according to their convenience. Ergonomic furniture is designed to keep the body in a safe and upright position, which will help reduce the risk of stress, injury, or any type of body pain.

2. Increased comfort: Posture support is one of the most important functionalities of ergonomic furniture. The most notable aspect is that these are designed with user comfort in mind, enabling employees to sit for prolonged hours of sitting. While it is recommended to avoid sitting for long hours, there are certain times when we have to meet deadlines or submit an urgent report. In such situations, ergonomics can be highly beneficial, alleviating discomfort and enhancing overall well-being.

3. Prevention of Musculoskeletal Diseases: Traditionally, the designs of chairs and desks were all alike. It did not focus on the individual needs and demands of the employees. With every employee having a different body structure and health concerns, there can never be one chair or desk that fits all. The introduction of ergonomic chairs has been a boon to organisations. When the employees can sit comfortably throughout, it certainly reduces the strain on muscles and joints. This aspect helps in reducing the likelihood of musculoskeletal diseases, enhancing the overall well-being of the employees.

4. Enhanced Productivity: Well, a comfortable and safe environment is all that employees need to work conveniently. When the employees are sitting comfortably, they can focus more on tasks. There are fewer chances of distraction and discomfort, which will contribute to improved productivity.

5. Customization Options: As mentioned above, an ergonomic office chairs comes with customization and adjustability features. This makes it easier to customise the furniture to suit personal needs and preferences. For instance, individuals dealing with severe back pain can adjust the backrest and headrest accordingly to enhance their experience.

6. Stress Reduction: Well-designed ergonomic furniture helps prevent stress. Employees can sit comfortably throughout and focus on their work without any discomfort or distraction. Besides, it can even contribute to the mental well-being and overall job satisfaction of the employees. Before purchasing office furniture in UAE, make sure you list down your requirements. Different team members may have different needs and requirements. You will find a variety of chairs with advanced features. Consider investing in features that are needed for an excellent experience.

7. Optimised Blood Circulation: By promoting neutral body positions and posture, ergonomic furniture helps reduce pressure on blood vessels. Sitting for prolonged hours can lead to adverse effects and may contribute to higher blood pressure. Investing in ergonomic desks and furniture can help prevent this, thereby promoting the overall well-being of employees.

8. Eye Strain Prevention: The ergonomic furniture goes beyond the idea of aesthetics and functionality. The strategic placement of desks, chairs, and other equipment can even help promote effective movement and reduce the risk of eye strain. By prioritising visual health, employers can see a significant improvement in the comfort and overall productivity of their employees.

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6 Top Ergonomic Office Chairs to Consider

If you are on the lookout for ergonomic office chairs in dubai , we present our pick of the top ergonomic office chairs. Keep scrolling to find some of the best options and compare the specifications to make an informed decision.

1. Bronx High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The Bronx High Back Chair is an excellent pick for employers and home offices. The chair is equipped with a contoured seat cushion and upholstered in premium fabric. This helps offer high-density support and comfort to the individuals. The armrests are equipped with PU padding and can be adjusted in three ways. The multipurpose synchro tilt mechanism, featuring four locking positions, enhances the overall stability and mobility of the chair. The adjustable lumbar support and vibrant colour make this an excellent choice for your meeting rooms and workstations.

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2. Optron High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

High-back chairs offer an excellent level of comfort and support. Individuals suffering from back or neck pain can go for an ergonomic high-back chair, and the particular chair by Optron is an excellent option. The mesh design enhances the airflow and is much easier to manage. They are minimalistic in design and lightweight, which makes them an excellent pick for meeting rooms and conference halls. The adjustable lumbar support and backrest will let you sit comfortably and adjust according to your needs. You can find this chair in grey as well as black at our store, BOSQ.

3. Opus High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Elevate your workspace with the high-quality and well-designed black mesh design chair by Opus. Again, the mesh feature promotes higher ventilation and improves airflow. The chair is an excellent pick under AED 1,500 and comes with a superior warranty from the manufacturer. The adjustable backrest and sliding seat with depth adjustment let you adjust according to your body type. The variable lumbar support and headrest further add to the functionalities of the chair, making it an excellent pick. The colour of the chair is black, which will look aesthetic and go with all kinds of interiors.

4. Evolt High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The ergonomic office chair is becoming a necessity for organisations. If you are looking for a quality visitor chairs in an affordable price range, this may be the one. The Evolt High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair is equipped with all the basic features that you may need and is priced under AED 600. The adjustable lumbar support lets you take full control of your comfort. Besides, the adjustable headrest allows you to sit comfortably and relax. The back is designed with mesh material, increasing the overall ventilation and airflow of the chair. The chair is even available in multiple variants, improving the overall choice. Enhance your productivity and pick this elegant chair by Evolt for your office or home workstation.

5. Vortex Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Well, the market is flooded with a variety of options, and it may not be easy to select one. If you are looking for high-quality chairs, you may visit BOSQ to filter out the number of advanced chairs. Mid-back chairs are an excellent pick for those dealing with lower back issues or individuals who need extra support for the lower and middle back. The chair by Vortex combines all the advanced features and redefines the idea of ergonomic excellence. The breathable full mesh support leads to better airflow, providing a better seating environment. The multi-function tilt mechanism also features four tilt locking positions, allowing you to secure it more effortlessly. The sleek aluminium base and noise-free castors enhance the silent movement of the chair. The adjustable foot support provides extra comfort for the legs, ensuring excellent comfort throughout the day.

6. Atlas High-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

The last chair featured on our list is by Atlas. The high-back ergonomic chair is designed to provide extra comfort and support, making it convenient for prolonged hours of sitting. The chair is built with an adjustable headrest and coat hanger, making it convenient for relaxation and sitting. The synchronised tilt mechanism even adds to the stability and strength of the chair, making it an excellent option for high-end comfortable office seating. 

These are some of our top picks, which are equipped with all the advanced and ergonomic features you may need. You can even pair these chairs with BOSQ Work Stations for advanced comfort and support. Always compare the features and specifications of the chair to make an informed purchase. You should even ask your employees about any specific health concerns or requirements. This may allow you to buy chairs or furniture that fit their unique requirements, improving their overall health and well-being.

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